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Coin Robotics is a service company that specializes in Robotics, 3D printing and CNC. We are committed to providing integrated large-scale 3D printing solutions. Our goal is to help our clients build large complex freeform shapes more effective.

3D Printing is known for its ability to turn an idea from sketch into reality. By adding robotic motion control architect, we have expanded its capabilities and scale way beyond traditional. With our Large-Scale 3D Printing solutions, we can build large parts with wide range of materials quicker and cheaper.




Mega Size Solution
Max.printing size up to 25 meters

Gantry 3DP solution, designed for extra-large form processing.With a more reliable design,

capable to handle larger parts more precisely.
Max.Axis Travel Distance
       X Axis 25000mm
       Y Axis 4000mm
       Z Axis 2500mm
Max.Speed 10000mm/Min
Positioning precision ±0.1 mm



Mobile Solution
Max. Mobility and Flexibility

6-axis robot arm design
Ideal for on-site printing
Light weight and mobile, ability to print on the go
All-in-one motion controlling system
Can easily collaborate with other machines
Positioning precision ±0.5mm

Max. Processing Size:2000mm*1500mm*1000mm



Hybrid Solution
CNC and 3D printing combined

This advanced solution contains both additive and subtractive processing power.

We first use 3DP to build up the main body, slightly larger than the target size,

then use the CNC router to trim down the object to the exact size and fine surface finishing desired.

We use the same system and program for both printing and trimming to minimize manual intervention in order to achieve the best result.



Large Feedrate Extruders

Full product line with patented large feedrate 3D printing extruders, suitable for various of materials. And the integration of pellet and filament makes printing more efficient and reliable.

K10 K20 X1
Feedrate 10KG/Hour 20KG/Hour 1KG/Hour
Material Size 3mm 3mm Φ2.85mm
Material Type Pellet Pellet Filament
Nozzle Size Φ5-15mm Φ5-15mm Φ1.0-1.2mm
Net Weight 40KG 90KG 6KG
Materials ABS, ASA, Nylon, GlassFiber, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar ABS, ASA, Nylon,PLA,TPU

AS100GF is a glass fiber reinforced 3D printing material custom designed for the construction industry.

The right amount of glassfiber significantly improve printing performance.

It has both good printing performance and weather resistance.

This ASA fiberglass material is guaranteed for outdoor use for 20-50 years 

Advanced Materials

We carry a wide range of 3D Printing materials designed for various zz1purposes. Many successful applications in industries such as Construction, Automotive and Aerospace.

BWO Motion Control System

All in one Motion Control Systems for machine tools, Industrial robots and complete production lines. Over 40 years of practical experience.

Everything from one source.

  • 15-inch large capacitive touch screen
  • Expandable up to 32 axes and 8 channels
  • With external CPU to 128 axes and 32 channels
  • The modern interface makes the operation of the machine very easy

  • Controls for support 128 axes + 32 channels
  • Controls for 5 axis machining
  • Controls for robots with 2-8 axis and more
  • Controls for human-machine cooperation flexible robot
  • Controls for non-circular grinding
  • Controls for complete glass processing
  • Controls for transfer lines
  • Controls for rotary indexing tables


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Thank you all, for your help and support. We took our big first step in year 2018. During the period, we have gone through many difficulties and setbacks, but with the help of our supporters and partners, we have successfully passed through. We have achieved ......

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